Your cell phone spends more time with you than any member of your family. In fact, you couldn’t live without it for a whole day. This is not a bad thing, especially when you can use it to track your weight. If you connect a smart body analysis scale to your cell phone you can automatically record all the values you get from the scale.

But what benefits do you get from this? Firstly, it’s simple to do because you don’t have to waste time taking notes about everything. Secondly, you can compare the changes over time. It’s like having a medical scale but at a fraction of the cost. Just 20 seconds is all you need to get the results. You will be able to discover things about your body that a normal scale would not be able to detect.

Why should you have one of these scales at home?

If you are one of those people who like to weigh themselves every day then you will love being able to find out more about your body. For example, if those extra pounds are due to fat, muscle or water. With a smart body analysis scale you analyze different characteristics of your body, not just your weight.

If you are on a diet you can find out how much fat you have lost. If you are training at the gym you can assess your muscle development. You can even detect possible cardiovascular problems before they occur. Tanita’s BIA technology is the same technology they use to manufacture medical scales. Companies like Tanita have managed to compress this technology into small, easy-to-use scales.

It’s like having a medical scale at home

Have you ever seen those scales they have in specialized medical centers? They are much bigger than the ones you have at home. Although they have more functions, it doesn’t mean that a smart body analysis scale doesn’t offer the same accuracy and quality of results.

The difference is that the home version contains useful functions for people who use them on a regular basis. The medical version includes additional functions that doctors need to analyze to help their patients. Even if you can’t have a medical scale at home you can still analyze your body with a smaller version and be alert to possible changes. In fact, there are doctors who help their patients understand the results so they can detect any unusual values .