Are you currently pregnant? And are you a little curious whether it will be a boy or a girl? Which can. It is quite normal for some pregnant women to know. But some like this a lot more not to know. This is often only possible after 12 weeks. However, there are also a number of tricks you can use to serve as a baby tender predictor. Are you curious about different possibilities to be a baby tender predictor? Then read on.

Round or back and forth

Do you have a necklace? This way you have your own baby tender predictor and the number of children you would have. The fact is that if you let a chain hang over your hand, it will circle, go back and forth, or do nothing. When it spins in a circle, it means you’re having a girl. Back and forth means you’re having a boy. And when the chain doesn’t do anything, it means you’re not having a boy or a girl. The more often you do this, he will indicate how many children you will eventually have and what their gender is. Your own accessories is really a baby tender predictor.

The test from the east

A well-known test that is often used is the Chinese baby tender predictor. This baby tender predictor uses the date of birth of the mother and the date of birth of the newborn child. You can easily find this in your search engine on Google. By only entering the date of birth of you, as a pregnant woman, and the predictable date of birth of your new sprout. For example, a new prediction is made about the gender of your unborn child. A free and fast baby tender predictor.

Only 26 weeks left

When you are pregnant, you are about 38 weeks pregnant. You can then easily have the gender of the baby checked at the doctor. For example, you have a baby gender predictor with a doctor. This doctor predicts the gender of your baby with ease. This way you know within a few minutes whether you are having a girl or a boy. How nice is that? You may not want to know if you are having a boy or a girl. It is then important that you do not look closely with an ultrasound, for example. This allows you to see whether it is going to be a boy or girl before the delivery. That lessens the surprise.