Healthy eating is the key to achieving weight loss quickly and effectively. That is why it is so important to avoid the consumption of some high-calorie foods that stimulate the production of body fat in the body. You can read fast food restaurants UK online reviews on to know which restaurants you can buy low-calorie food that will contribute to your weight loss goals.


Thinking of helping you to avoid the appearance of extra pounds, the fifteen foods that you should avoid if you want to lose weight. Check out:

1 – White bread and pasta

Foods that are made from refined flour, or white flour, have a type of carbohydrate that, when ingested, causes a fermentation reaction. The result of that? You will suffer from the appearance of gas and even the distention of the abdomen. These symptoms can be even greater if you have some type of hypersensitivity to gluten. In this sense, they should be eliminated from your diet, as they will prevent you from evolving in your weight loss process.

2 – Sugars

The sugarsthat are present in most industrialized products is also another element that must be removed from your diet, as sucrose causes the development of an imbalance in the intestinal flora. In these situations, the beneficial bacteria in your body decrease and there is a proliferation of those that can damage and/or impair digestion. Also, these foods provide both the development and accumulation of fat in the body.

3 – Alcoholic beverages

Changing habits is essential when you want to lose weight, especially when you are in the habit of consuming alcoholic beverages. This type of drink can put an end to all the advances you have made so far, as alcohol increases the permeability of the mucous layer of the intestine. This effect considerably worsens the imbalance of the intestinal flora, which leads to an increase in the volume of your abdominal region, even developing the famous “draft beer belly”.

4 – Soft drinks

Among the countless ingredients that make up soda, the combination of gas and sugar causes a terrible reaction in the body. By consuming the soda daily, you will be able to observe the continuous growth of your belly due to the distension of the muscles of the abdominal area.

5 – Beans

The nutrients that are present in beans, oligosaccharides to be exact, escape during the digestion process, and are metabolized by the bacteria that are present in the lower part of the digestive tract. This type of reaction of the organism causes the appearance of gases and flatulence. In addition to the swelling sensation that this reaction causes, it is still possible to feel great discomfort.

6 – Cabbage and cauliflower

It is very common for some people to think that they can consume all kinds of vegetables to lose weight. However, some of them, such as those of the brassica family, have sulfur compounds that are capable of considerably increasing the production of gases by the body. In addition to cabbage and cauliflower, it is necessary to avoid other foods such as brussels sprouts, turnip, broccoli, among others.

7 – Green pepper

The colour of the peppers indicates the level of their ripening, which can vary between green, yellow and red. However, this vegetable, when harvested before its maturation period, may be responsible for some digestion problems, as they take time to be absorbed by the body when compared to other types of food. The poor digestion of this vegetable can cause problems such as the bulging of the abdominal area, in addition to the formation of layers of fat.

8 – Dairy products

Those who have problems related to lactose intolerance should not only avoid this type of food to help with weight loss, but also to prevent the appearance of flatulence and even diarrhoea. It is important to remember that in these cases the dairy includes foods such as butter, curd, cheese, among others. By not consuming them you will be able to avoid both the development of this type of condition as well as the probability of suffering from gases.

9 – Processed foods

 This is the first rule and change of habit that you must make in your diet, as these foods contain numerous substances that directly affect the functioning of your body, harming you in several ways, in addition to creating layers of fat in the body. The substances contained in them can also overwhelm your liver and gallbladder.

10 – Salt

Although salt is not responsible for building fat in the body, this food can not only directly influence the change in blood pressure salt, when consumed in excess, but also in the growth of your belly, as this area is completely swollen. In such cases, the ideal is to decrease its quantity and replace the salt with other spices, such as ginger and basil.

11 – Processed meats

Although meat is an excellent source of protein, when it is of processed origin it can negatively influence your weight loss process. This type of meat has a high level of saturated fat that is not healthy. In this sense, always try to use lean meats, such as chicken and fish, preferably grilled.

12 – Industrialized juices

It is popularly known that you should insert juices in your diet to keep it healthy, however, it must be natural and not industrialized. Such products are made with a series of chemical additives, such as sweeteners and fructose-rich syrups. This type of food impairs your fat loss. That is why it is recommended that you always use completely natural juices and preferably without the addition of sugars.

13 – Sweeteners

Few artificial sugars offer no damage to your weight loss process. Most of them not only do not contain benefits for your health, but they can also increase your waist circumference.

14 – Bad fats

These fats are found in fried foods, especially in salty foods that are cooked with oils. This type of food promotes the accumulation of fat in the body. They directly interfere with your weight loss. In this sense, try to avoid such foods and opt for foods that have good fats, such as avocado and coconut oil.

15 – Cookies

Cookies contain countless calories, fats and sugars, this combination forms a completely addictive food that can prevent you from reaching your goal effectively. In addition to increasing the fat in your body, it is a food that does not cause the feeling of satiety.