The term cardio is a frequently used term in exercising so much that many people take it for granted, Its benefits cannot be overstated.

Cardiovascular exercises are one of the most common types of exercises that involves increasing your heart rate.

This type of exercise has numerous benefits that help improve the state of your body and mind in different ways.

What is cardio?

Cardio stands for cardiovascular exercises. It is one of the three pillars of a standard fitness plan; cardio, stretching, and resistance training.

It is one of the most common types of exercises that humans engage in.

Cardiovascular exercises involve working out and increasing the activities of your heart and the circulatory system.

This means straining your heart and cardiovascular system making them work harder than usual.

Cardiovascular exercises can include several activities such as hiking, jogging, running, climbing, soccer, and even swimming.

Any exercise that raises your normal heart rate to 50% to 75% of its maximum heart rate can be termed cardiovascular exercise.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of indulging in cardiovascular exercises.

1.   Improves your heart’s health.

The benefits of cardio are no more father than heart’s general health.

Just like other organs in the body, the heart comprises muscles that help pump blood through the body.

Exercising these muscles enables the heart to be stronger and efficient in pumping blood.

Strong heart muscles increase the efficiency of the heart in pumping blood all around the body which without a doubt is important to supply important nutrients to all the body parts.

Also, having strong, healthy heart muscles allows your heart to pump blood throughout the body with ease meaning you will have a lower resting heart rate which will consequently decrease the chances of having high blood pressure.

An efficient heart will enable you to perform physically effortlessly since there is a constant supply of oxygen traveling through all your muscles.

Bad cholesterol buildup that causes heart attacks is rare with a healthy heart, meaning suffering from heart diseases or arterial diseases are less likely to occur when indulging in cardiovascular exercises.

Cardiovascular exercises will enable you to have and maintain a strong and healthy heart. This, as a result, will enable you to stay clear from numerous diseases and detrimental conditions

2.   Better circulation.

Cardiovascular exercises as discussed earlier enable you to have a stronger heart that is more efficient in pumping blood throughout your body.

That consequently will ultimately lead to a better circulation system in your body.

A good circulatory system is without a doubt important since it facilitates all the muscles and organs throughout your body to receive a constant supply of nutrients, oxygen, and blood which are fundamental for the proper functioning of the body.

A proper circulatory system allows you to perform physical activities effortlessly and rules out the chances of having cholesterol buildup or being aimlessly fatigued due to poor blood and oxygen flowage.

3.   Reduces stress, depression, and anxiety.

When partaking in cardiovascular exercises your brain releases certain chemicals termed as feel happy chemicals that are responsible for making you feel good.

Cardiovascular exercises stimulate your brain to produce more neurochemicals than what has been produced.

These neurochemicals range from dopamine, serotonin to endocannabinoids.

The secreted neurochemicals all together help produce sensations that tend to make you happier, joyful, relaxed, and elated.

You are less likely to feel depressed or stressed when constantly engaging in cardiovascular exercises meaning cardiovascular exercises obtain the ability to make you a happier person.

You are also less likely to suffer from the effects of anxiety or stress while indulging in cardiovascular exercises since, in essence, these exercises give you a certain elated high which stimulates your body to feel relaxed and happier.

Similar sensations are achieved from eating chocolate or smoking marijuana.

It is needless to say that if he was suffering from any form of anxiety stress or depression then partaking in cardiovascular exercises might be one of the solutions in relieving them.


Cardiovascular exercises are essentially one of the cornerstones to a healthier and longer life.

These exercises will help you live a healthier, longer, and happier life. So make sure you try it out.

Reading through the benefits of cardiovascular exercises might change your perception of exercises and encourage you to constantly engage in them.

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