We now live in a world where nearly everything can be insured. The lists of things that can be insured include material things like cars, properties, businesses, and abstract things like wellness, and general health.

Health and wellness insurance coverage differ from one insurance company to the next. Getting insured by a company that has limited coverage can be harmful especially, in the situation of the occurrence of the disaster that was insured against.

In choosing the right insurance company, you need to consider the coverage and the delivery method. Do you intend to engage an insurance company that covers health and wellness; do you perhaps need an insurance company that has a wide range of coverage and proper service delivery? You can access various quality and cost-effective insurance companies on Collected.Reviews.

Getting feedback and reviews of insurance companies will be of immense help in choosing the right insurance company.

Below are the insurance companies with wellness coverage in the US:


Humana covers expenses such as contact lenses and eyeglasses, crowns, dental exams, and appliances. This insurance company is a broad range well-being company and has products that cover chronic conditions and stay-at-home care which includes home delivery. It provides favorable policies for severe disability and people living in a health institution. Recently, Humana is offering wellness policies to employees who are liable to have a serious health challenge.

2.Kaiser Permanente

This is a non-profit insurance company affiliated with Kaiser Foundation Health Plan. Kaiser Medicare is well known for HMOs and this helps people with low budgets to fit into their health policy. The HMOs include no deductibles, and reduced prescribed drug costs. The company operates in eight states in the US which include Maryland, Hawaii, California, Georgia, Colorado, Virginia, Oregon, and Washington, DC.

3.United Healthcare

This insurance company offers consumer-based digital wellness and healthcare services. The digital services include a baby monitor for babies in critical condition, wearable devices like wrist watches and bracelets that track glucose levels, and a blood pressure tracker. It has policies that cover individuals, employers, and employees. It also makes plans for both HMO and PPO programs. Its services and policies are a bit expensive but it’s worth it because the company provides wide coverage for health and general well-being.

4.Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield is an insurance company that provides wide insurance coverage for its customers. This insurance company has 36 independent companies and branches in 50 states nationwide.  Blue Cross Blue Shield company has a good number of doctors and hospitals contracts – this is something others insurance don’t have. Two years ago, this company earned a high rate and review for their performance and service delivery. The blues provides both individual and employer-employee insurance plans.

Wellness insurance is good, wellness insurance with wide coverage is better and wellness insurance with wide coverage at an affordable cost is the best. You need to choose the right insurance company to ensure your health and well-being.