Who is often unhappy with their current body weight? Having an ideal body weight is indeed everyone’s dream. However, it must be remembered that each person has different weight standards according to their body needs. Therefore, don’t let Moms go on an extreme diet to endanger your own health. This need to lose weight may arise after childbirth or as an effort to keep the body healthy and fit. Apart from exercise, paying attention to the food and drink consumed also contributes greatly to the success of achieving a healthy body weight. Not only food, consumption of fluids can support your diet while creating a healthy lifestyle for your daily life. Come on, consider the following 6 drinks that are considered effective in losing weight.

1. Coffee

For coffee lovers who like to drink a glass of coffee every day, you seem to be able to continue this habit because coffee is included in a list of powerful drinks that can lose weight. This is because the caffeine content in coffee acts as a booster for the body to increase metabolism while helping to reduce energy use.

Thus, body weight can be reduced along with coffee consumption. However, it should be remembered that this only applies to coffee drinks that don’t use any additives, for example milk, sugar, and cream.

2. Water

Increasing the amount of water consumption every day can make you have a smaller waist circle than before. The reason is, water is able to make the body feel full between meals and increase the number of calories burned. This is what makes researchers suggest drinking water before eating to make your diet more successful, Moms.

3. Black Tea

Moms may be familiar with the English term, namely black tea, because it is often found in modern cafe menus. The dark color that this tea has is created due to the higher oxidation process compared to other types of tea.

In addition, black tea contains polyphenols which stimulate the breakdown of fat and increase healthy bacteria in the body. In a study quoted from Healthline, 111 people who drank 3 glasses of black tea every day lost weight after three months.

4. Green Tea

Reducing weight and body fat is a small part of the benefits of green tea for the body. Not only that, this type of tea contains good antioxidants and is rich in nutrients that will further support your diet efforts. In addition, with its caffeine content, green tea also increases the body’s energy so that you are more enthusiastic about exercising which is also beneficial in weight loss.

5. Ginger tea

People generally know that ginger tea is often consumed when they have a cold, nausea, or when suffering from arthritis. In addition to these benefits, ginger tea is also considered to be able to increase satiety in the body so that it plays a big role in reducing the amount of food we consume every day.

6. Vegetable Juice

The amount of vegetable consumption per day will increase by drinking vegetable juice. Vegetable juice is useful for reducing carbohydrate consumption, which is one of the main missions when dieting. Even so, eating whole vegetables at any time can still be the best choice for your health due to the reduction in fiber that can be absorbed due to the juice-making process.

However, there is nothing wrong with doing this if you want to achieve more optimal and healthy results for the body. Some examples of vegetable juices that you can consume are carrot juice and spinach juice.