Across the world more and more governments and states are beginning to legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes. In fact, many are beginning to legalise it for recreational use too. However, in many cases people are taking it to ease chronic pain and ultimately lead better lifestyles.

It’s been proven that marijuana can help with pain management and many people are now turning to it, particularly those in their older years suffering from long-term pain. Of course, one of the main concerns with that is the potential for addiction, which can then have an adverse effect on one’s health and lifestyle.

The last thing anyone wants to do is start taking cannabis for medicinal reasons and then finding themselves hooked, requiring cannabis detox and further treatment to aid recovery from addiction on top of any ailments.

But can cannabis for medicinal purposes be addictive? If you’ve been prescribed it, surely it’s safe?

Well, just like any drug, including prescription pills and such like, there are addictive qualities to them. You only need to look at the opioid crisis going on across the world to see that, with prescription drugs being one of the biggest killers when it comes to overdoses across countries like the USA and UK.

So, of course, medical marijuana can be addictive, and using it for such purposes can still lead to the likes of withdrawal symptoms and offer up the same dangers that it would for taking recreationally.

Your body will begin to adapt to the presence of marijuana, and statistics show that just under one in three people who consume the drug will become addicted or begin to abuse it, both recreationally and medicinally. For those that do become addicted, the drug will stop having the desired effect as the body becomes more used to it, and when detoxing from the drug they will find a number of less than desirable symptoms, including stomach pains, chills, sweating and shakiness.

For those that aren’t aware they have a problem, this is certainly a tell-tale sign and that treatment for such addiction should be sought, otherwise further health issues may ensue.

The dangers of marijuana are there for all to see. In fact, most people know what taking cannabis can do. Just because it’s for medical use it doesn’t mean those aren’t there, so it’s important to understand the risks alongside the pros for taking it and making an educated decision based upon that.