Having health insurance is one safety net that should not be taken for granted, but it is still surprising that several people do not know how to go about obtaining health insurances, and which insurance package best benefits them. The United States of America, for instance, this year recorded a significant increase in the number of uninsured people for the third consecutive year.

One of the easiest means of getting health insurance that most people fail to know is by checking the government’s marketplace for help. You will be surprised that the government’s marketplace often provides one of the best services.

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In the alternative, find some pointers below:


Speak directly to an insurer

It is possible not to get the best coverage that meets your budget, and see others outside the marketplace get them. When shopping on a single insurer’s website, you only get to see what that insurer has to offer. But, when speaking directly or viewing multiple insurer’s websites, you get to see different insurance policies available.

Simply put, you often have a better chance of getting a proper insurance plan when you contact a particular company’s employer.

Work with a broker or agent

A broker or an agent is the best person to help you get an acceptable policy because they have experience evaluating the best health insurance plans. Some health insurance providers pay brokers when they sell their policy, and consumers don’t pay a fee to brokers.

An “agent” generally refers to a person involved in selling the policies of an insurance company. In comparison, a “broker” refers to an individual who sells multiple insurance company’s policies. Working with either of these types of people gives you the “how-to-get” for health insurance.

Check the marketplace for government’s health insurances

The marketplace for health insurance is also called the exchange health insurance. Depending on the eligibility for your coverage of health insurance and income, you can qualify for subsidies (also known as premium tax credits).

You might not be eligible for subsidies if you have a job with a base coverage already. However, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Check online insurance brokerage

These companies, also called private exchanges, or private enrollment websites, help you compare health insurance plans and help you get the best plan there is. The idea of using online health insurance brokerage is a smart move, but customers must note that some sites will not show every plan available on the market that will meet their requirements.

But this online service will help you get connected with a vast number of health insurances, just not all. Most of the time, they only show plan options that earn them commissions for enrolling new customers.

Understanding what health insurance is about is key to eventually knowing how to get one. The best way for new workers or unemployed persons to get health insurance is to consider some ways to get health insurance with wellness benefits.