The meaning of protecting mental health needs to be known from an early age. A person who is mentally healthy will also affect his physical condition as well as his quality of life. When a person is psychologically, socially or emotionally well, then it can be said that the person is mentally healthy.

Mental health is also the forerunner for ourselves to continue to grow. There are so many benefits that can be obtained by having mental health. Want to know more about mental health? Let’s continue to follow the following description.

1. Psychotic Mental Illness

Psychotic mental illness that affects a person will make it difficult for that person to distinguish reality where the person will experience hallucinations and delusions. Some psychotic mental illnesses include bipolar disorder, severe mental stress with psychotic symptoms, delusional disorders and schizophrenia.

2. Non Psychotic Mental Illness

Non-psychotic mental illness is triggered by stress and trauma. People with non-psychotic mental illness will face real obstacles where they have a mindset that they shouldn’t have. Examples of non-psychotic mental illnesses include mental stress, antisocial character traits, universal anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, and also Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Important Reason to Protecting Mental Health

1. Able to address problems well

People with good mental health must have a positive mind so that they are able to overcome all the problems that exist. It is important to have a positive mind because this is the basis for being able to carry out activities productively and maximizing the abilities you have.

2. Able to Relate Well

Humans are inseparable from social life. People with a healthy mental state will be able to communicate optimally because they can communicate easily and also easily blend in with their environment. Not only that, with a healthy mentality it is possible for someone to be able to share solutions or inspiration for problems that are happening in their environment, so they want to make donations to their circle of friends.

3. Urgent to have a healthy body

A healthy mind can be used as a foundation for forming a healthy body as well. All activities and work of the body are based on the influence of the brain or mind. People with a healthy mind must have a healthy mind. With our mind set in positive terms, it will bring out good energy for the body. This good energy will later prevent all the negative energy that causes various diseases such as stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

4. Helps Improve Concentration

Mental health has a bond that is parallel to the mindset and direction of self-movement. A person with a healthy mind will have a more focused and planned mind, making it easier to concentrate so that he can carry out activities optimally.

5. Help Experiencing Daily Challenges

Thought pressure or mental pressure is very closely related to mental unhealthy. An unhealthy mentality will definitely limit the activities that are carried out every day. Therefore, we must be able to control our mindset so that we are free from the dangers of mental illness.

So far this means protecting mental health as one of the spearheads for personal success. After being tired of experiencing the harshness of the world with enormous pressure, we should give rewards to ourselves as a form of appreciation. In this case the art of loving yourself needs to be played. Self reward will bring about euphoria which can eliminate stress or mental stress. Opinions about oneself, whether positive or negative, should be used as motivation to continue to improve one’s abilities