Four Signs You Might Have Experienced a Minor Heart Attack

Minor Heart Attacks: How to Recognize Silent Symptoms
A subgroup of individuals who experience a heart attack may do so without knowing. Some 20 to 30 percent of all heart attack survivors have minor, or silent, heart attacks. These heart attacks go unnoticed by survivors and often misdiagnosed by medical professionals.

Symptoms of minor/silent heart attacks include discomfort in the neck, jaw, throat or an extremity, or shortness of breath coupled with fatigue. Two or more of these symptoms often occur simultaneously, manifesting as an ailment that feels like intense heartburn that occasionally persists for hours or days.

How Minor Heart Attacks Differ from Major Heart Attacks
Major heart attacks are the stuff of drama, film and television. Actors clutch their left arms and grimace in agony before dropping to one knee. Heart attacks often precipitate an intense tightness or squeezing felt most keenly in the center of the chest.

In both minor and major heart attacks symptoms like fatigue and shortness of breath may persist for months after the event. The telltale signs of a past heart attack remain visible within the heart long after the attack.

Heart Attack Symptoms In Women
Both men and women experience the most common heart attack symptom: Chest pain, especially in the center of the chest. Women are much more likely than men to also experience shortness of breath, pain in the back or the jaw, and nausea and/or vomiting.

A small subset of women may not experience chest pain at all during a heart attack. Symptoms of minor heart attacks in women often resemble those of the flu or acid reflux. As a result, women and their doctors are in danger of misdiagnosing.

Heart Disease is still the top killer of women in the United States, so it’s essential to know the facts, the related statistics and prevent the fatal mistake of misdiagnoses.

What Exactly Happens During a Heart Attack?
The heart and the entire body receive oxygenated blood via a series of arteries. The right and left coronary arteries specifically service the heart, supplying blood and oxygen to its muscles. Sometimes fatty deposits called plaque buildup and rupture within these arteries. Thrombosis, or blood clotting, occurs as a result.

Thrombosis severely affects the heart’s ability to supply its muscles with oxygen and blood. Denied oxygen and blood, muscle tissue within the heart begins to die. Once the artery experiences complete blockage, all the heart muscle tissue it serves dies. The heart attack is the outcome of thrombosis and any resulting dead heart muscle tissue that ceases to function properly.

How Do Doctors Detect Past Heart Attacks?
In theory, doctors can detect past heart attacks weeks or months after they occur. EKG or a cardiac ultrasound can reveal the size of the heart attack by the amount of damage to heart muscle tissue. Doctors can also gauge the degree of plaque buildup in arteries through certain blood tests.

Effective care, prevention and ongoing proactive responses to a heart attack depend upon proper … Read More


The weight loss is not just about going down to dress size or two.  It is actually about improving the life in millions of important ways. An attractive diet will be contributed on how we are eating eat properly. It is very simple to fall into the bad habits such as comfort eating or the over eating.  Make sure that you may create a habit of eating a balanced, moderate and a lovely diet. Try ad incorporate as a lots of different types of vegetables, fish, meat, and fruits and also the grains so that you are able to enjoy it, and not actually getting bore by eating the same thing week after week. Lots and lots of dieters may fail; this is because they get worn out of what they are actually eating, so that they fall back into the bad habits.

Anyone who has been on the heavy diet will know about how difficult it is. Also to get into the reduced amount of food, often the dieters need to stay firm, and also avoid convinced foods which may fatten your body or may be high in sugar. Another main issue is for the dieters but, how to keep the weight off after the successful diet. For lots and lots of keeping the weight off can be harder than actually losing it.

In the heavy work of your diet, you will actually have started a regime of the fitness and the exercise.             Your body will actually have responded well to the increased exercise and the activity, so in many case you may suddenly cease again, the likelihood is you will actually put the weight back on. In lieu, make an activity and the exercise as a part of your everyday life. Do not think about the chores. Think about in more positive lights, as a part of your everyday method and something you may enjoy.

Weight loss, in the main context of medicine, physical fitness, or the health is the reduction of the total human body mass, due to the mean of losing the fluid, adipose tissue or the body fat and a lean mass, namely muscle, bone mineral deposits, tendon and all other connective tissues. It may occur unintentionally mainly due to the underlying disease or it can arise from the conscious effort in order to improve the perceived or actual overweight or the obese state. The international weight loss is commonly referred as a slimming agent. If you have decided to lose the weight then stop what are actually doing and first get a glass of fresh juice that are made with the fresh vegetables, fruits, or both.

The weight loss is mainly due the effects of androgens. It is also possible that between cramming of yourself with the information about the fad diets, valorize intake and the right exercise regime. You may have missed out on including the food items that give you the essential nutrients and minerals that you need. But the right … Read More

EJuice- How beneficial it is for you

Are you are a chain smoker and want to quit smoking but you can’t. Then you are on the right track E Juice.

E Juice also known as Smoke Juice or E- liquid is growing at a very impressive rate. E-cigarette is an electronic device that vaporizes a yummy flavored liquid. People who are going to use that inhale the vapor and this inhaling of vapor is known as Vaping. The next question comes in your mind that ‘is vaping just like a smoking?’ Vaping is not a smoking. E-Liquid is normally made of five ingredients. This vapor just consists of nicotine and other substances but cigarettes include numeral threatening poisons. You can choose the amount of nicotine in your E-juice. It is up to you that how much nicotine you want in your E-juice. Most of the people who want to quit nicotine entirely often lower their levels over time.

There are majorly five ingredients found in E-juices:

1- Nicotine: The first component id nicotine, which is 99.9% pure and straightly comes from the tobacco field of North Carolina.

2- Vegetable Glycerin (VG): VG is a product used in every skin care items like cosmetics, toothpastes etc, so it is very pure and hygienic and safe for health.

3- Propylene Glycol (PG): PG is a stuff that you will find in food items in flavoring, in medicines, in drinks, in cake mixes, in shampoos.

4- Flavors: This the best part in all the ingredients. If you are a chain smoker you know the importance of this point, the value of flavors in E-juice. It is the relief of nicotine cravings. You will get the same result that same satisfaction and you will like awesome flavors like coffee, cotton candy, peaches, strawberries etc.

5- Water: Sometimes distilled water is used just to make the liquid dilute.

How we get that?

                It is really a big issue for us because we all are working and even does not have time for ourselves. Then there is an option also that we can get them from different websites. E juice is easily available on several websites so you can easily purchase the directly over the online and get it delivered at your house. So, it is a great substitute to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Far out, we can say that E-juices are actually lifesaver for people who are so much addicted to cigarettes.

             You should ensure that e-liquid is not meant for drinking but for vaping through e-cigarettes. You should avoid its exposure to bare skin, especially prolonged one. You should keep it out of reach of children and even away from animals so that none can drink it. You should approve in standard CHIP bottles to keep safety. You should also have look at Nicotine printed safety warning. You should immediately seek advice and attention of a doctor in case of swallowing of the product, in case of accident or in case you feel unwell. Keep cartridges locked and safe … Read More